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The Love Art story begins in Los Angeles and New York City where founders Jessica Chiep and Ronald Liu were born respectively. They would meet years later in Connecticut where they both eventually attended the University of Connecticut. After graduation Jessica started a career as a cytogeneticist at Brigham Women’s Hospital in Boston, while Ronald worked in corporate sales/marketing in the Boston area. When they weren’t working, the pair always spent their time either cooking or traveling. Wanderlust pulled them frequently to East Asia and Hawaii, where inspiration struck them. With the brand-new development of Storrs Center commencing in 2012, the pair took the opportunity to jump into the restaurant industry with their first venture H.A. Café which opened in December 2013.

The H.A. Café was the first of its kind in the area: offering unique comfort foods such as okonomiyaki, croquettes, curry udon, gyu-don, sushi, bubble tea, and much more. As the restaurant and campus grew side by side, the H A cafe launched a new menu item in early 2014: "The Husky Bowl". One busy Friday evening, a couple of Ronald’s friends on the football team came to order sushi rolls, but the line was backed up out the door and maki rolls were time intensive. The idea to build a bowl with raw cut fish was born. It’s not a unique concept as marinated cross-cut raw fish over rice is an original Hawaiian staple but it was certainly revolutionary on that cold January evening.

Soon word got out that this little shop on the edge of campus run by alumni had a secret menu item called the Husky Bowl where you could customize and create your own sushi bowl. Before long, it became an official item on the menu and ultimately an entire concept based around it was developed in 2015. This concept became known as the Love Art Sushi project. The search then commenced to bring this concept to reality as both Jessica and Ronald had been set on returning to Boston. That search and journey to open in Boston hit snags and bumps along the way but finally in January of 2017, Love Art Sushi Boston opened its doors.



Love Art Sushi’s concept is simple. Provide customers with choice and deliciousness at affordable prices. Ingredients are sourced daily in small batches so meals are as fresh as possible. With a wide range of options, the Love Art team is ready to assist customers with their needs across a wide spectrum of possibilities. Whether it’s a healthy option vs a high protein diet or a gluten-free option plus shellfish allergy, the team has carefully crafted recipes and trained the staff to handle even the most selective eaters. Going above and beyond for our customer’s needs is simply standard and has been our foundation throughout the years.


Paying homage to the destinations that the pair call their alternate homes, the Love Art brand can be defined as Japanese with Hawaiian and Korean influences through a New England lense not just in flavor but in hospitality, execution, and culture.


Coming Soon... Love Art Udon

So what’s next? The Love Art team is excited to launch their newest concept, Udon and Tempura! Similar to the existing Love Art Sushi concept, customers will get to choose between bases with the ability to add a la carte premium toppings to their meal. Only this time, the bases consist of different house broths with fresh, made from scratch, udon noodles. Premium toppings range from a variety of tempura from kale, to whitefish, and Japanese pumpkin.  Other side dishes include sweet sesame portabellas and shoyu marinated tofu. Love Art Udon will also be offering up a selection of house blended drinks: yuzu citrus jasmine tea, passionfruit (lilikoi) fresca, and a traditional unsweetened matcha tea.


Keeping the with the spirit of fast and casual, Love Art Udon will also be a down the line service counter with the ability to eat in house or order takeout. Enjoy your meal on the run or hunker down and hang out in the space with friends.